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Slack Slowdown Frustrates Remote Workers

Slack, the widely used business communication tool, experienced slowdowns in service on Tuesday, frustrating workers who have become increasingly dependent on it as they work from home.

Users complained of slow messages or messages that were not sending starting around 8 a.m. Eastern.

At 8:10 a.m., the company apologized and said it was investigating the problem. At round 9:48 a.m., the company said it appeared that most of the problems had been fixed.

“The performance issues we’ve been seeing should be mostly resolved, and there should no longer be any issues with messaging,” the company said in a statement. “However, users may still see some errors as we work to fully fix the issue. We’ll let you know when we’re confident this is fully resolved.”

The communication platform has grown in recent years as an essential workplace tool, with more than 10 million users, many of them in media organizations, who flock to other platforms like Twitter to complain when there’s an outage. More than 750,000 companies use the service, according to Slack.

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