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How Do You Feel About Returning to the Office?

Six months after the pandemic struck, the American workplace is in the midst of a transformation. Some workers are beginning to return to their offices, even as others choose to keep working from home or have been told by their employers not to return for several more months.

It’s a time of difficult decisions for employees and employers alike, and The New York Times wants to know how you are handling this process.

If you have returned to the office or are planning to return soon, were you comfortable going back, or did you feel pressure to return?

We’re also interested in hearing about workplace dynamics and how it feels to be back in an office setting that may not look the same as it did before the pandemic. And we would like to hear from employers about their decisions on calling employees back to the office, and whether company policies about working remotely have changed.

Please share your experiences using the form below. You may hear from a Times reporter or editor interested in learning more about your story. We won’t publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.

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